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How our Flowtogo conveyor supports your gear manufacturing process

FlowToGo interfaces with the internal loader of Klingelnberg`s SpeedViper 180/300 to provide storage for workpieces; the SpeedViper also controls the system. KOENIG’s centrifuge, EasyDry can be integrated into the conveyor, helping you meet clean factory requirements.

We know our customers require speed, efficiency and compactness. That’s why our Flowtogo features a tool-free set-up and large storage capacity for workpieces. With its standard conveyor it takes up just 4m2 of floorspace, helping you manage space limitations in your factory.

We’ve also tried to keep it affordable so your factory can have all the benefits of an efficient loading system for the minimal outlay. The Flowtogo can be safely operated after only 1 hour of training, with a toolless set-up system. It has been manufactured for use in the toughest industrial environments and is used reliably for multiple-shift operations.

Supporting your major manufacturing processes, the Flowtogo is the safe, simple, and efficient option for your operational needs.

A standard design, adapted to your gear manufacturing needs

Our standard design was developed in tandem with Klingelnberg, with flexibility to accommodate your individual requirements. Customers benefit from the reliability and affordability of an established model, without having to compromise on specific needs.

We’ve also considered the impact of service intervention and kept it to a minimum. This means minimal downtime, enabling your other machinery to run virtually uninterrupted.