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How our CompactLoader simplifies your gear grinding process

Widely used in the gear grinding sector, the CompactLoader is a high-efficiency automation system for loading gears. Supporting your major manufacturing operation by automating the gear loading process, the CompactLoader is the high-speed, safe, simple and efficient solution for the gear manufacturing industry.

Developed in collaboration with some of the biggest names in gear grinding, the CompactLoader is compatible with nearly all gear grinding and many gear cutting machines. It has been manufactured for use in the toughest industrial environments and is used reliably for multiple-shift operations around the world.

An automated solution to improve your gear grinding process

Minimal service intervention means minimal downtime, enabling your other machinery to run virtually uninterrupted.

We know our customers in automation engineering require high speeds, efficiency and compactness. That’s why our CompactLoader features a rapid 3.5 second loading time and can be programmed to handle a range of up to 500 workpieces. It has a footprint of under 6m2, helping you manage space limitations on your factory floor. Set-up takes less than ten minutes and does not require any tools, and operator training takes just two hours.

A standard design, adapted to your gear grinding needs

Our standard design was developed with input from gear manufacturing specialists, with flexibility to accommodate your individual requirements. We’ve simplified loading so you benefit from the reliability and affordability of an established product, without having to compromise on your specific needs.


Because all CompactLoaders are designed around the same modular system, it’s simple to upgrade an older model to accommodate changing requirements.

We know that technology advances continually so we’ve made it easy for you to upgrade, making your KOENIG loading equipment completely future-proof. After an upgrade, your original CompactLoader is set up to meet your latest needs, extending its lifetime considerably.

We can upgrade both hardware and software, ensuring that the two continue to work together even when they advance at different rates.