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About us

Agile gear grinding solutions developed through collaboration

KOENIG develops compact, high-efficiency automation systems for grinding machines and cutting machines used in gear production. Our clients range from industrial gearbox manufacturers to major companies in the automotive sector.

Our company

KOENIG was founded in 1994 in Switzerland by Rico Koenig.

Automation developer René Kunz joined the business in 2004. Responding to a need in the gear grinding sector, together with Rico Koenig, he developed conveyors, and later KOENIG’s main product, the CompactLoader. The CompactLoader is a standard automation solution which can be flexibly adapted and scaled to meet customer requirements. It features rapid loading times starting at 3.5 seconds, and can handle an impressive range of up to 500 different workpieces.

Since 2017, KOENIG has worked with nearly all the major players in gear grinding, ensuring compatibility with their products for manufacturing high precision gears. Nowadays, our strong relationships with machine manufacturers means a smoother, simpler service for all our customers.

Additionally, we supply directly to the automotive industry as well as automotive and industrial gearbox manufacturers. We also work with suppliers and resellers to help them improve their service to their own clients. We joined the Bachtel Technology Group in 2019 when Rico Koenig took retirement. The Bachtel Group develops and produces components for the automation, machine, and automotive industries, allowing leading manufacturers to collaborate to produce high-quality solutions.

Compact loader
Our expertise

Our expertise in gear grinding and automation engineering

As an experienced team of mechanical engineers, electrical engineers and software developers, we fully understand the high standards required of automation in automotive manufacturing. We've developed our products to make high performance automation simple. We ensure that speed and efficiency come as standard to maximize the return on your investment.

Like our original CompactLoader design, every product we manufacture responds to a need in gear manufacturing. In addition to our own automation engineering expertise, we continually develop our knowledge through the relationship with our clients. This ensures we keep every product at the industry standard or higher, providing state of the art support to your manufacturing process.

Our team has the knowledge and experience to upgrade our standard products to the latest industry specifications. In addition, our future-proof automations are designed with upgrades and retrofitting in mind. This ensures that our products retain their value long after the typical life expectancy for investments in capital equipment. Indeed, our customers’ installations remain in operation for at least 10 years, and often much longer.

KOENIG Automation AG workers

Our culture

KOENIG was founded as a family business. This has shaped our culture, and is the foundation for everything we have achieved for our customers. Further to joining the Bachtel Group, we have strived to hold on to these values and are proud to still offer the same personal service with which the business was started 30 years ago.

We know that the strength of our company lies with our customers. We’ve developed our products to fulfil particular needs on your factory floors, improving safety and efficiency and helping you save money and space.

Since 1994, we’ve collaborated with customers to work on developing standard solutions together. These standard designs help to simplify the purchasing and training processes, whilst giving our customers a flexible solution for their needs.

Our service doesn’t stop with delivery. So you can benefit from the full value of the product you’ve ordered from us, we offer maintenance and retrofitting to keep your KOENIG automation running at the current standard and for the long term.

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Richard Doney

Chief Executive Officer

Lukas Ambühl

Head of Design and Technical Sales

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We are part of the Bachtel Technology Group