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Our services go beyond the build and installation of our standard products. We offer a full service, from adapting to your specific requirements before installation, right through to maintenance and upgrades. Our personal service means all our customers benefit from a quick response, keeping downtime to a minimum and maintaining industry standards throughout the life of your KOENIG product.

KOENIG is part of the Bachtel group

We work alongside leaders in gear grinding, simplifying communication about new products. We use our established network to solve problems and find solutions, taking the pressure off resellers and customers.

Workpiece-specific accessories

Our standard CompactLoader design can be adjusted to your specific requirements. And if your production line needs to handle new workpieces, we can easily adjust your CompactLoader to accommodate it. The adaptability of the CompactLoader means there is no need to replace the whole product when your own product range changes.


While our high-quality products are built to last, the moving parts of any machine are naturally prone to wear and tear. Fortunately, we can remove and replace the electrics, motors, belts, chains and any other moving parts of our automation products quickly and easily.

KOENIG Automation AG team performing maintenance
KOENIG Automation AG Services Spare Parts

Spare parts

We have an extensive hi-tech supply facility to guarantee fast and efficient replacement of standard components for at least 10 years after installation of your automation. Many other parts and fittings are designed by us in Switzerland and sourced locally. This gives us easy and fast access to any spare parts. Most standard components can be dispatched within twenty-four hours, keeping downtime to a bare minimum.


Because our products are all based on standard designs, upgrades are simple. We can upgrade both hardware and software, ensuring that the two continue to work together even when they advance at different rates.

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