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How our ToolLoader improves efficiency in your gear grinding process

Our newest product, the ToolLoader, is a high-efficiency automation system that can exchange grinding wheels on grinding machines. It supports the manufacture of large gears typically used in the wind industry and other industrial gearbox applications. Replacing slow-moving and inaccurate crane manouevres, the ToolLoader is the fast, safe, simple and efficient option for your operational needs.

The ToolLoader can be adapted for a range of grinding machines and includes a storage magazine with a drawer system. It is designed and built for reliable performance in multiple-shift operations, in the toughest industrial environments.

Minimal service intervention means minimal downtime, enabling your other machinery to run virtually uninterrupted.

We know our customers require efficiency, speed and compactness. That’s why our ToolLoader can offer changeover times starting from just 30 seconds. It also only requires 4m2 of floorspace, helping you manage space limitations in your factory.

Our standard design was developed with input from gear manufacturing experts, with flexibility to accommodate your unique requirements. Customers benefit from the reliability and affordability of an established product, without having to compromise on specific needs.