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How our EasyDry spinning stations make your gear manufacturing process cleaner and safer

The EasyDry spinning stations are a range of high-efficiency centrifuges, designed specifically to remove oil from workpieces after the machining process, collecting it for recycling. These fast, safe, simple and streamlined solutions play a vital role in helping our customers stop the spread of oil through their factories.

Originally developed as a key feature of the CompactLoader to meet clean factory requirements, EasyDry spinning stations can be integrated next to your existing machining operations and are compatible with all well-known conveyor systems. The products are manufactured for use in the toughest industrial environments and are used reliably in twenty-four-hour operations around the world.

Minimal service intervention means minimal downtime

Minimal service intervention means minimal downtime, enabling your other machinery to run virtually uninterrupted. We know our customers require speed, efficiency and compactness. That’s why our EasyDry spinning stations can be integrated into your conveyor where they work seamlessly in collaboration with your automation and machining operations.

A standard design, adapted to your needs

Our standard EasyDry designs were created with input from gear manufacturing specialists, with flexibility to accommodate your individual requirements. The spinning stations can be integrated flexibly into your conveyor systems, and can handle a wide range of different workpieces.

Customers benefit from the affordability and reliability of established products, without having to compromise on specific needs.